Renu shares Akira, Adya’s talents

Renu Desai, Akira Nandan, Aadya are always in the news. Especially the photos that Renu Desai shares on social media, the poems she writes, the comments she makes go viral. Renu Desai is very active on social media. When it comes to movies, location hunting, workout information, vacations, things are shared with followers about every single topic.

akira adya secrets
akira adya secrets

Renu always say great things about the special talents her children Akira and Adya have.Renu Desai says Adya has the qualities to be a photographer in the first place. She says most of the photos she shares on social media are taken by Adya.

Renu added “Akira’s dreams and desires change with age, once in a while he wants to be a hero. At times he wants to become a doctor and other times he wants to become an engineer and he also talks about becoming a sportsperson. Overall he has no clarity”

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