Naga Babu-The new RGV on Twitter

Yes, this is the talk that is going on all over the social media now. Naga Babu has started playing a clever game of talking more on Twitter than in personal life. He is making some ghastly comments on Balakrishna from the last few days and is attacking him directly.

Naga Babu is also not leaving the TDP and is making solid statements making his presence felt. What’s special is that he is making his statements like an individual and not from Janasena party which is a clever thing.

Naga Babu has become quite controversial and the talk is that he is going to continue doing this. Seeing his new avatar, many are saying that he has become the new RGV on social media and one need not take him seriously at all. IN the future, we need to see what kind of comments does he make.