Naga Babu takes dig at Balayya’s singing

Naga Babu is a man who cannot control his tongue and he speaks quite harshly without the fear of anyone. So, he always comments on those who keep targetting his family in any which way.

We all know how he is has been after Balayya when the latter commented about not inviting him to the industry meet with KCR. Naga Babu blasted Balayya and now he has made funny comments about Balayya’s singing.

Today, in his post on social media, without taking Balayya’s name, Naga Babu commented on the star hero’s singing capabilities. This did not go well with his fans and now Naga Babu deleted his post but is getting trolled for his silliness. On the other hand, Chiru has wished Balayya on his 60th birthday balancing the act.

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