Looking for a magical connection – Renu Desai

Renu Desai is one of those few celebrities who is active on social media platforms. she is active so that she stays connected with her fans and also speak her mind using these platforms.

Renu Desai

She has a huge fan following in Telugu states due to her marriage with power star Pawan Kalyan. sometimes this fan following has caused her trouble. The fans were intruding into her personal space. Fans wanted Renu Desai to stay out of relationships even after her divorce with Pawan Kalyan.

She recently took Instagram to express her feeling to have a magical connection with her horse Romeo. She wrote as below on her account posing with Romeo.

There is something magical about horses.
I learnt to horse ride at the age of 12 and I personally know how intelligent and intuitive horses are.
I stopped horse riding after I fell sick and put on weight in 2015. Eagerly looking forward to losing weight and having the magical connection again with these beautiful creations of nature🧡
“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France
[This is Romeo, the sleepiest and cutest horsie everrrrrr🥰]


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