Jytohika’s big OTT release Ponmagal Vandhal


Jytohika’s big OTT release Ponmagal Vandhal

Ponmagal Vandhal is the first big Tamil film that has directly come out on the OTT platform. It is now available on Amazon and reactions have started coming in one after the other since yesterday night.

The first reactions say that the film is an average courtroom drama that has a solid performance by Jyothika, Prathiban, and Bhagyaraja. The film is about a girl called Jytohi who is framed as a serial killer and Jyothika fights her case. Why she does that is the whole twist.

Suriya is behind this film that has been set in the lovely area of Ooty. The film has some gritty scene sand many are taking abut the bad editing. But one things is clear that this film is surely not for big-screen viewing and ends up as a decent time pass on OTT.

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