His birth increased NTR’s torture

ntr insulted

Young Tiger NTR revealed that his birth increased his torture. It is known that NTR and Manchu Manoj are good friends. Both became friends while Manoj was shooting for Sr NTR, Collection King Mohan Babu’s Major Chandrakanth.

NTR is six hours elder to Manoj. Manoj used to be very naughty. NTR faced a lot of problems due to Manoj’s torture. NTR revealed that he used to tell a story to Manoj.

NTR shared the story saying ‘ Creator Lord Brahma after a long thought made two toys. One is white and another is black. One has curly hair another silky hair. Except for these some changes the toys have same thought process. Brahma then put a test. One toy remained humble and silent and Brahma decided to send him to earth at first. It turned out to be NTR. The other toy got angry pinched Brahma. Brahma thought if this toy troubled me, it should be in the house of Mohan Babu and sent him there. From then on my torture started. He will never give any respect and always address Eraa. Entraa”