Bomb in Rajinikanth’s house

During coronavirus pandemic and even as Tamil Nadu government is getting ready for the tough implementation of lockdown from June 19 till the month end, people got a huge shock in reports came that there was a bomb in Super Star Rajinikanth’s house.

An anonymous caller called police and informed that there was a bomb in Super Star Rajinikanth’s house located at Greams Road, Chennai. Police at once reached the house along with the sniffer dogs and after conducting a complete search found out that the call was a hoax.

Police are now trying to trace the call and identify the caller who played a prank on them. Rajinikanth’s fans blasted the caller on social media for spreading the lies and issuing threats to Rajini’s life. Rajinikanth is currently starring in Annathe under the direction of Shiva. Rajini is also planning political strategies to launch his party in style and show his power in the upcoming assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. Apart from it, he is also lining up crazy entertainers under ace directors.