Abhijeet Steals The Show While Avinash Becomes Comedy

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has caught more eyeballs than expected. Thanks to the show content, host Nagarjuna who has managed to pull off the show with ease despite facing repeated criticisms from the audience. The contestants who are keeping the audience engaged with their antics, drama, humor, and fights.

During the nominations, Avinash nominated Abhijeet for supporting Noel in their previous dispute between them. Avinash and Abhijeet got into an argument.

Some epic punches were

Avinash: Nenu Comedy Cheyatanike vachanu

Abhijeet: Nenu nee comedy theeskotaniki raaledhu

Then Avinash boasting, I AM THE ENTERTAINER, to which Abhijeet said, “Koi Taali Bajao Re Iske Liye”

Audiences loved Abhijeet’s swag during the episode and many found Avinash’s behavior and mentality problematic.

Overall, Abhijeet stole the show while Avinash became comedy.