This Star Heroine Says She Is Not Modern

Sree Leela, a rising star in the Tollywood film industry. Is gaining significant attention with her involvement in high-profile projects alongside renowned actors such as Balakrishna, Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan, Ram, Nithiin, and Vijay Devarakonda. Her attractive appearance, adorable looks, and captivating dance performances are the talk of the town.

During an interview with the media, Sree Leela revealed some personal details. She mentioned that when she was in kindergarten, she used to tell everyone that she wanted to become a doctor, just as she had promised her grandfather. Despite eventually entering the film industry, she fulfilled her commitment and completed her MBBS degree. During exam periods, she would work hard on film sets during the day and study at night.

The actress confessed her dislike for regular workouts but mentioned that she practices yoga regularly because it fills her with positive energy. Additionally, dance and swimming are part of her daily routine. She emphasized that yoga not only keeps everyone fit but also enhances their thinking abilities. She shared that her nickname is ‘Ammulu’ and she enjoys playing the game of antyakshari. In her free time, she uses shikakai and hibiscus leaves, and apart from her phone and earpods, she always carries kumkum (a sacred red powder) of the goddesses in her bag.

Sree Leela expressed that she had never dreamed of entering the film industry. However, her mother would organize annual photoshoots for her and her two brothers with their family photographer, Bhuvan. It was during one of these shoots that a Kannada director noticed her and offered her a role in the movie “KISS.” Although she had to cut her long hair in the 9th grade, she received the Best Female Debut award at SIIMA (South Indian International Movie Awards) for her performance in the film.

Sree Leela revealed that even within her home, she communicates in Telugu. She mentioned that her mother is a gynecologist who assisted in delivering Yash’s wife, who gained fame from the movie “KGF.” Additionally, Sree Leela has adopted two differently-abled children named Sobita and Guru from an orphanage. She further emphasized that as a classical dancer, her expressions are vividly portrayed through her facial expressions.