Telangana High Court Shocks Navdeep

For the past week, officials from the Narcotics Control Bureau have been actively searching for actor Navdeep, who is currently in hiding, according to law enforcement authorities. In response, Navdeep has sought bail from the Telangana High Court.

The High Court, in its decision, has directed law enforcement to issue notices to Navdeep under section 41A and has also instructed Navdeep to cooperate with the authorities for the purpose of the drug-related investigation.

NCB officials have indicated that they possess substantial evidence implicating Navdeep in the acquisition and distribution of drugs. They have further stated that if Navdeep does not comply with the investigation into the drug case by appearing before the authorities, he may be subject to arrest.

In Hyderabad, two rave parties have been recently raided and NCB officials are actively apprehending all individuals associated with the case.