‘Tathastu’ Launched At The Success Meet Of ‘Malle Mogga’

‘Malle Mogga’, starring Ramtej Mummidi, Varshini Arja, Mounika Reddy in lead roles, was released in theatres recently. The film’s success meet was held today by presenter Kanna Nagaraju of HR PRoductions. Also present on the occasion were producer Thota Venkata Nageswarara Rao and the core team of the movie. The movie’s success meet was held at Hyderabad’s Prasad Labs and the poster of a new movie titled ‘Tathastu’, produced by the same banner with Ramtej as the hero, was launched on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Director Chandra Mahesh said, “I am happy that ‘Malle Mogga’ is a success. Director Thota Venkata Nagu made this film based on the incidents he saw in his life. Hero Ram Tej acted with all the energy. Small movies with good content will surely get fame. The movie ‘Malle Mogga’ has proved it once again.”

Producer Damodara Prasad said, “It is heartening that ‘Malle Mogga’ is getting the attention of the audience. Only about 5 percent of the movies released every year are successful. Out of more than 230 films released this year, only 10 were hits. If a small film is good, the industry will be prosperous. The success of the movie ‘Malle Mogga’ is due to its content. I have known Bhanuchander for a long time. Hero Ram Tej performed well. This company wants to make more good movies.”

Producer Balaji Nagalingam said, “I worked in Damodara Prasad’s father’s company when he was making films. We have been in the industry for many years with a passion for cinema. I hope to continue in the film industry as a producer.”

Co-producer Kanna Nagaraju said, “I liked the story narrated by Thota Venkata Nageswara Rao and joined this project as a co-producer. Our movie ‘Malle Mogga’ is getting good response in B and C centers. We have distributed sarees to the female audience in theaters near us. This is a movie every woman should watch.”

Actor Kota Shankar Rao said, “I played an important role in the movie ‘Malle Mogga’. Small films have to thrive. Only then artists like us will land opportunities. A big film takes two years to be completed. But a small film will be released in a few months. The industry will do well if such small films attain popularity.”

Actor Bhanuchander said, “I have a very good character in ‘Malle Mogga’. This is a movie with a good story. I am happy that this movie is getting the audience’s attention. This story has both emotion and entertainment. This is a film that the audience should watch as a family. Along with this movie, Ram Tej’s ‘Tathastu’ is also expected to be a good success.”

Hero Ram Tej said, “I am thankful to my uncle and my director Thota Venkata Nageswara Rao who made me a hero. This is the first time I have said this to my uncle on stage. But he will be in my mind. His name and my grandfather’s name will live on. ‘Malle Mogga’ has a rural backdrop. We also want to make city-themed films from now on. We will come to you with all genres of movies. Like ‘Malle Mogga’, I hope that our next movies will also have your support.”

Director producer Thota Venkata Nageswara Rao said, “‘Malle Mogga’ has received good reception from B and C centers. There are a few theaters in the city. The response coming from the audience is so encouraging. It is a movie with emotions, sentiment and love elements. ‘Tathastu’ also is going to be impressive as a complete mass action entertainer.”