Taapsee Pannu Takes A Dig At Telugu Film Maker Once Again

Having debuted with Telugu movies and later transitioning to Bollywood. Taapsee Pannu has often found herself in the midst of controversies, particularly for her comments on Telugu filmmakers, including K Raghavendra Rao. Once again, she has sparked a fresh wave of discussion, this time by expressing her views on the recent film ‘Animal.’

In her statements, she remarked, “People should not compare Animal to Hollywood and say, ‘If you liked Gone Girl, how can you not like Animal’? You are catering to a different audience.” The actress went on to highlight cultural distinctions, pointing out that in Hollywood, people don’t tend to replicate actors’ styles or lines from movies in their real lives.

While clarifying that her comments represent her personal opinion, Taapsee emphasized, “It is my opinion, and I am not one of those who will tell XYZ actors that they should not do these films. They have their own choice; we are in a free country and have freedom of choice. I wouldn’t do it (Animal) is what I am saying.”

However, questions linger regarding whether Sandeep Reddy Vanga had indeed offered her a role in ‘Animal.’ The critique revolves around the appropriateness of making unnecessary comments about a successful film and mocking other filmmakers, particularly considering Taapsee’s diverse roles in Telugu cinema during the initial phase of her career. The irony is evident as she now takes a different stance while offering insights to others in the industry.