Superstar Daughter’s House Looted

Aishwarya Rajinikanth, daughter of the famous Indian actor Rajinikanth, is currently occupied with directing her upcoming film Laal Salam. Which stars Vikranth, Vishnu Vishal, and her father in a special role.

However, Aishwarya has recently faced a troubling situation as she reported to the Teynampet Police Station that her house had been robbed of diamond and gold jewellery worth several lakhs of rupees. The stolen jewellery is estimated to be worth around INR 3.60 lakhs, and Aishwarya suspects three of her house staff in the incident.

According to her complaint, Aishwarya had stored 60 sovereigns of gold and diamond jewelry in a locker at her Chennai residence, which she had last used for her sister Soundarya’s wedding in 2019. Since then, the locker had been moved to various locations, including Aishwarya’s apartment at St Mary’s Road, the residence she shares with Dhanush, and her father’s home.

Despite keeping the locker keys in her cupboard, her staff was aware of their location and regularly accessed the apartment even when she was not present, leading her to suspect their involvement in the disappearance of the jewelry. The police are currently investigating the matter under section 381 (theft by a domestic help) of IPC.