Sunny Leone Receives a Huge Shock

Popular actress received a big shock by the networking site. Sunny Leone’s profile on LinkedIn has been blocked, which came as a shock to her. She is known for her item numbers in the film industry and has faced controversy in the past for allegedly misleading and spoiling the future of youngsters. LinkedIn’s decision to block her profile has surprised many.

Sharing her experience, Sunny Leone, posted “After a great one month on LinkedIn, they decided to block my account because they thought it wasn’t the actual Sunny Leone. It was me by the way. I understand that there was a lot of traffic on my account but that was no reason for LinkedIn to delete my personal page. It is too bad and I hope they change their decision as they didn’t even send me an email or inform me before taking this decision.”

Sunny Leone added “Happy to hear any suggestions and feedback regarding this matter! Hey everyone, after a great month of joining @LinkedIn , they decided to block my account in the belief that it wasn’t actually. “ ME”” A netizen reacted “Very unfortunate! Blocking the account is unparliamentary”.