Sudheer Babu To Turn Villain

Sudheer Babu is a talented actor in the Telugu film industry who has made a name for himself with his impressive performances. However, he surprised everyone with his portrayal of a villain in the Bollywood movie “Baaghi”. He proved his mettle as an actor and received critical acclaim for his performance.

The actor has been trying to showcase his talent as a villain in Telugu cinema as well. He has been experimenting with different roles and genres to prove his versatility as an actor. However, his recent movies including “Hunt” failed to impress the audience and were a disappointment at the box office.

Despite the setbacks, Sudheer Babu is determined to prove himself as a versatile actor and is now focusing on playing negative roles. He believes that playing a villain is a challenging task and requires a lot of effort and dedication. He wants to explore his acting abilities and showcase his versatility through these roles.