Sree Vishnu, Hasith Goli ‘Swag’ Razor Unleashed

Sree Vishnu is lauded as the King Of Content for the kind of subjects he picks. He is choosing a variety of scripts, though he is making sure there is enough entertainment in every movie. He will next be seen in a hilarious role in the upcoming unique out-and-out entertainer Swag directed by Hasith Goli. Swag is another unique attempt from Sree Vishnu and Hasith Goli. TG Vishwa Prasad is producing the film on People Media Factory.

The makers unveiled a clip called Razor, after introducing all the main characters from the movie. The video begins with Sree Vishnu making a strong statement about men. Sree Vishnu portrays a character named Bhavabhuti, who is a male chauvinist. His rugged looks and terrific makeover pack a punch over the women in the movie.

Sree Vishnu’s charisma leaves no space for the feminists in the room. His character will divide the audience in two, to say the least. Love him or hate him, you will remember Bhavabhuti for long. The teaser is highly entertaining. Hasith Goli’s writing is hysterical, whereas his direction is also remarkable.

Ritu Varma is playing the lead actress named Queen Rukmini Devi from Vinjamara Vamsham. Vedaraman Sankaran cranks the camera, whereas Vivek Sagar provides the music and Viplav Nyshadham is the editor. The other technicians include GM Shekar handling the art department, while Nandu master takes care of stunts. Vivek Kuchibhotla is the co-producer.

The film’s teaser will be out soon. Swag is getting ready to grace the cinemas.

Cast: Sree Vishnu, Ritu Varma, Meera Jasmine, Daksha Nagarkar, Saranya Pradeep Sunil, Ravi Babu, Getup Srinu, Gopa Raju Ramana

Technical Crew:
Producer by T.G. Vishwa Prasad
Written & Directed by Hasith Goli
Co-Producer: Vivek Kuchibotla
Creative Producer: Krithi Prasad
Cinematographer: Vedaraman Sankaran
Music: Vivek Sagar
Editor: Viplav Nyshadham
Art Director: GM Shekar
Stylist: Rajini
Choreography: Sirish Kumar
Stunts: Nandu Master
Publicity Designs: Bharanidharan
Executive Producer: Anunagaveera
Lyrics: Bhuvana Chandra, Ramajogayya Sastry, Jonnavithula, Nikhilesh Sunkoji, Swaroop Goli
Sound Design: Varun Venugopal Co-Director: Venki Surendar (SURYA)
VFX & DI: Deccan Dreams
Colorist: Kiran
VFX Supervisor: V Mohan Jagadish (JAGAN)
Direction Team: Praneeth, Bharadwaj, Prem, Shyam, Karimulla, Swaroop