Sandeep Vanga Takes A Dig At ‘Mirzapur’ Series

A month ago, Javed Akhtar faced backlash from the makers of the film “Animal” after expressing concerns about its box office success, deeming it a “dangerous trend.” Akhtar highlighted instances in the movie where objectionable actions were glorified. In response, director Sandeep Reddy Vanga defended his work in a recent interview and urged Akhtar to scrutinize his son Farhan Akhtar’s production, the Mirzapur web series, before commenting on “Animal.” Vanga pointed out explicit language in the series and questioned why Akhtar hadn’t raised similar concerns with his son. He expressed feeling disgusted after watching such language in the series.

Sandeep Reddy Vanga continues to push back against critics of his work, having recently targeted Aamir Khan and his wife, and now Javed Akhtar. While it may seem impressive for him to confront his critics while reveling in current success, it’s crucial to acknowledge the unpredictable nature of the industry. If, unfortunately, Vanga were to face failure in the future, these bold statements could potentially come back to haunt him.