Saif Ali Khan Invites The Photographers To The Bedroom

The Bollywood star couple Saif Ali Khan and his wife Kareena Kapoor, known for being amicable with paparazzi, were seen returning from Malaika Arora’s mother’s birthday party. Despite requesting the photographers to back off, they continued to follow the couple, leading to Saif’s frustration.

In a witty remark, Saif responded to a photographer shouting their names, saying “Do one thing, come to our bedroom”. Some photographers felt embarrassed and apologized, after which Saif waved good night and shut the door.

Recently, Alia Bhatt voiced her concerns about the intrusive paparazzi culture after being clicked on her patio by photographers from a neighboring building terrace. Anushka Sharma, Arjun Kapoor, Janhvi Kapoor, and others also joined Alia in highlighting the issue.