Sai Pallavi likes these kind of Boys

Sai Pallavi is one of the most promising talents in the current generation. The actress who kept on winning wider laurels for her performances has once again surprised everyone with her impeccable performance in the recently released Virataparvam movie.

Unlike most actresses who doesn’t mind skin show, Sai Pallavi is one actress who doesn’t wear skimpy clothes. With this kind of decency, Sai Pallavi has fans from the middle aged population to senior citizens.

But what is it that the actress looks for in a man to love? Sai Pallavi answers this in her own words.

“There is no rule that boys should be like this. But I love the guys who are sensitive at heart. If they say anything out of their heart, I like to listen. If the guys shed tears to sensitive issues, I like them. I don’t like macho beings. I also like the sacrifices by guys who do it with a motive of not to hurt girls,” she said.

Thus Sai Pllavi explained what kind of boys and me she likes the most. The actress also said that she dislikes guys who becomes body builders just to impress girls. She said that it is enough if the guys look fit and healthy and no need to be body builders.

Sai Pallavi also said that she doesn’t need red roses and golden rings to receive a proposal but a nice heart is enough.