Sai Dhansika ‘Dakshina’ Wrapped Up The Shoot

‘Dakshina’ is a Female Oriented suspense thriller starring ‘Kabali’ fame Sai Dhansika as the lead role. The film is directed by Osho Tulasiram, who directed successful female-oriented films like ‘Mantra’ and ‘Mangala’ starring Charmy Kaur in the lead role.

‘Dakshina’ is being produced by Ashok Shinde under Cult Concepts banner. Shooting part is finished.

Ashok Shinde, the producer of the film said that Dakshina, has a strong emotional plot and story revolves around a Psycho thriller. Sai Dhansika played a role of an IPS officer and acted brilliantly in a very powerful role. The producer also said that after the release of ‘Dakshina’ Sai Dhansika would gain more fame. He said that ‘Dakshina’ will also set a trend like ‘Mantra’ and ‘Mangala’ movies. The shoot was finished within 45 days in different cities like Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Goa.

Cast: Sai Dhansika, Rishabh Basu, Subhash, Anand Bharti

Film Cinematography: Narsingh,
Music: Balaji,
Production Company: Cult Concepts,
Producer: Ashok Shinde,
Director: Osho Tulasiram.