Release Worries For Shankar-Ram Charan’s Movie

Shankar’s movies have always been known for their larger-than-life productions, and the upcoming Shankar and Ram Charan movie is no exception. However, there have been some doubts raised about its release date, particularly for the 2024 Sankranthi festival season.

The movie has been in production for a while now and has generated a lot of buzz among fans and industry insiders alike. Shankar, the acclaimed director known for his innovative and visually stunning films, has teamed up with Ram Charan for this ambitious project.

While the project has been progressing steadily, there have been concerns raised about the movie’s post-production timeline. Shankar is known for his meticulous attention to detail and his desire to create visually stunning films. This often results in a longer post-production period, which is the case with this movie as well.

Many industry insiders have expressed doubts about the movie’s release for the 2024 Sankranthi season, which is a popular time for Telugu movie releases. The concern is that with the movie’s post-production timeline and several other big-budget movies scheduled for release during the same season, it may not be feasible to release the movie during that time.