Real hero Sonu Sood’s latest ‘problem’ with Chiranjeevi

Circumstances have changed Sonu Sood’s life into a fairy tale of sorts. He has been proclaimed the messiah of the masses. A man who stood by just about everyone he could access or anyone who could access him, Sonu Sood is facing a new problem.


Chiranjeevi, Sonu Sood, part of Acharya


Given his new avatar as a super saviour and a real hero, Sonu Sood is having to face the consequences of the image. Not that he is complaining though. Sonu Sood confessed on a show that his life did indeed change.

The villain of films such as Dabangg, Simmba, Arundhati, is now being approached for hero roles. But Sonu remains undaunted. He says it’s a new chapter and something he would like to explore. He has of course some films left as the antagonist.

But that’s where the problem arises, says Sonu Sood. Thanks to his latest image, the heroes in the films are finding it difficult to hit him, lest his fans curse them. Sonu Sood in fact recounts an interesting incident where megastar Chiranjeevi found it difficult to hit him during a shot. Sonu Sood is playing the antagonist in Chiranjeevi-starrer Acharya. So, when the shot was being canned, Chiranjeevi apparently said, “It’s a big problem having you. If I hit you, your fans will curse me.”

Sonu further elaborates that a scene was re-written, so that the sentiments of his fans do not get hurt. He says, “There was a scene when the hero had to place his foot on me. This scene was scrapped and a new one was written. This means I will have to reshoot portions that I had already shot for,” says a visibly amused Sonu Sood.