“Rama Janmabhoomi” Teaser Launch

The much-anticipated teaser of “Rama Janmabhoomi” has been unveiled, marking the triumphant comeback of esteemed director V. Samudra under the prestigious banner of Samudra Movies. With a riveting narrative exploring the convergence of youth and politics, the teaser has left an indelible impression on audiences worldwide.

Renowned for his cinematic prowess, director Samudra helms this ambitious project, serving both as director and producer, with the acclaimed Ravi Shankar lending his musical genius to enrich the storytelling experience.

Commending the film’s thematic resonance, senior actor Murali Mohan expressed his optimism for its success, citing its timely exploration of the prevalent “Jai Shri Ram” sentiment echoing across the nation.

In a testament to its cultural significance, BJP MP candidate Madhavi Latha lauded the film’s portrayal of patriotism and the enduring legacy of Lord Rama, emphasizing the transformative impact of societal change, much akin to the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Director Samudra Rao articulated the film’s profound message of virtuous living, drawing parallels between the exemplary life of Lord Rama and the aspirational ethos of contemporary society, particularly urging the youth to embrace political activism as a conduit for societal reform.

Lead actor Jai Siddharth, known for his stellar performances in iconic films, expressed his gratitude for being part of this cinematic opus, resonating with the film’s thematic underpinnings and its call for societal introspection and transformation.

With a stellar ensemble cast comprising Jai Siddharth, Sri Radha, and an array of seasoned actors, “Rama Janmabhoomi” promises to captivate audiences with its compelling narrative and poignant storytelling.

As the film unit prepares to unveil more updates leading to the release date, anticipation continues to mount for what is poised to be a cinematic masterpiece echoing the timeless ideals of righteousness and societal transformation.

Cast: Jai Siddharth, Sri Radha, Nasser, Suman, Ajay Ghosh, Sunil, Anupam Kher, Kannada Kishore, Baahubali Prabhakar, Dev Gill, Beasant Ravi, Tamil Sri Ram, Devaraj, and others.

Technical Department:
Producer: V. Samudra Rao
Director: V. Samudra Rao
Co-Producers: Khaza. Durgayya, Koteswara Rao. Sri Hari
Music: Ravi Shankar
Lyrics: Venigalla Ramu, Abhinaya Srinu
PRO: Madhu VR