Ram Charan’s Game Changer Release Date Announced

The highly anticipated release of RC15, starring Ram Charan and directed by Shankar. Has faced a setback as two other major films, Project K and SSMB28, have already secured the 2024 Sankranthi slot. This has led the makers of RC15 to consider alternative release dates, with the 21st of  March, 2024 being seen as the optimal date for the film.

While the date has not been officially confirmed, it is currently the most likely option for RC15, as it offers the advantage of a summer release. The filmmakers are expected to make an official announcement regarding the release date soon.

Despite the release date uncertainty, filming for RC15 is progressing at a rapid pace, with Ram Charan having returned to the sets after his Oscars campaign. Fans eagerly await the release of the film, which promises to be a major blockbuster.