Rajamouli – Mahesh Babu Crazy Deal

Anticipation is reaching new heights for Mahesh Babu’s upcoming film, SSMB 29, under the direction of the acclaimed SS Rajamouli. Since the confirmation of this collaboration, the film has been a focal point of considerable excitement and speculation. Rumors circulating suggest that the movie will draw inspiration from the beloved Hollywood adventure series Indiana Jones, weaving a narrative intricately connected to the character Hanuman. This intriguing speculation has only added to the already elevated expectations surrounding the project.

In the realm of remuneration, Mahesh Babu typically commands fees ranging between ₹60 to ₹80 crore per film. With his collaboration with Rajamouli, industry analysts initially anticipated a higher fee. However, surprising reports suggest that Mahesh Babu may have opted not to take a fixed remuneration for this venture. Instead, both he and Rajamouli are rumored to have chosen a profit-sharing model, potentially proving to be a more lucrative arrangement.

While the movie team has yet to officially confirm these reports, it’s noteworthy that the script for SSMB 29, rumored to carry a budget of approximately ₹1000 crore, has already been finalized, as acknowledged by the film’s writer, Vijayendra Prasad. Additionally, reports indicate that Mahesh Babu made a trip to Germany in connection to this ambitious project.

At present, the pre-production phase for SSMB 29 is in full swing, with numerous speculations surrounding the potential female lead. Fans eagerly await an official announcement to shed light on these details, heightening the intrigue and anticipation surrounding this much-anticipated cinematic endeavor.