Puri Jagannadh Invites Another Trouble

The movie titled ‘Double Smart’ was officially announced with Ram Pothineni as the lead actor. Puri Jagannath has been chosen as the director, and Charmi will be involved in the project’s production aspects.

Puri Jagannath, having previously tasted success with the blockbuster ‘Ismart Shankar’, had high hopes for the combination of Ram Pothineni and himself. However, his spirits dampened following the underwhelming response to ‘Liger’. Initially, there were speculations about Puri collaborating with Chiranjeevi, but that didn’t materialize.

Now, the headaches caused by the disappointing performance of ‘Liger’ have shifted towards Ram Pothineni. What is the connection between Ram and the situation? In other words, the fate of ‘Double Smart’ remains uncertain unless a resolution is found to address the issues arising from ‘Liger’.

Currently, the distributors who suffered significant losses have begun exerting pressure on Puri Jagannadh, who had initially promised to settle their dues. However, Puri Jagannadh has now started denying any responsibility to pay the outstanding amounts. Unfortunately, as a consequence, the distributors have decided to halt the progress of the movie involving Ram Pothineni, despite him having no connection to this financial dispute.