Prabhas’s director is scared of his fans

Fandom is something the heroes try hard to get. But, at times this fandom would lead to many issues. Anti-fan wars, trolling the directors, producers often become a big headache and now the director Radhakrishna of Radhe Shyam is facing the same. He became the soft-target for the fans of Prabhas.

Despite taking too long time to complete the movie, Radhakrishna couldn’t deliver a hit and Radhe Shyam has turned out to be a colossal disaster. The movie’s result irked the fans and started trolling the director.

Scared to answer, Radhakrishna has disabled the replies option on his Twitter handle. But that isn’t stopping Prabhas’s fans from continuing to irk him. When Radha Krishna recently shared his opinion about a film trailer, Prabhas’s fans started trolling him, saying “Don’t you dare speak about the “technical finesse” of a trailer while you yourself gave us (Prabhas’s fans) a disaster like Radhe Shyam”. Currently, Radha Krishna has no offers on hand as the result of Radhe Shyam has affected him badly.