PM Modi and Sonia Gandhi Chat During Parliament Session

Prime Minister Modi and Sonia Gandhi had an unexpected run in within the Lok Sabha during the monsoon session of Parliament. The Prime Minister took use of the opportunity to check about Sonia Gandhi’s health and well-being. She kindly replied, “I am fine.”

This interaction followed an incident wherein Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi’s chartered plane had to make an emergency landing at Raja Bhoj Airport in Bhopal. Ahead of the session’s commencement, the Opposition pressed for a discussion on the recent violence in Manipur during an all-party meeting.

Sonia Gandhi emphatically asserted her commitment to addressing the issue of Manipur during the session, underscoring its paramount importance in her priorities. The demand for discussion arose after a distressing viral video captured the naked parade of two women in Manipur, triggering widespread attention and outrage.

This incident raised serious questions regarding the Prime Minister’s response to such acts of violence. In a pre session media address, PM Modi sternly condemned the heinous sexual atrocities in Manipur, vowing that those responsible would face stringent consequences.

As the monsoon session unfolds, the focus on the Manipur violence and the Prime Minister’s response is expected to remain a pivotal point of discussion. The Parliament’s attention to this grave matter will be closely monitored by both the public and political circles alike.