Payal Rajput’s ‘Mangalavaram’ To Have A Unique Element

Director Ajay Bhupathi’s upcoming film, “Mangalavaaram,” has created quite a buzz with its captivating promotional content. The lead role is portrayed by Payal Rajput, and both the teaser and trailer have left film enthusiasts eagerly anticipating its release on November 17. The pre-release event, held in Hyderabad, featured Icon Star Allu Arjun as the chief guest.

Addressing the audience, director Ajay Bhupathi began by expressing condolences for the loss of Chandra Mohan Garu. He shared that he had narrated the story of “Mangalavaaram” to Allu Arjun Garu a year and a half ago, and the actor was intrigued by how the narrative would translate to the big screen. Bhupathi expressed gratitude to Allu Arjun for gracing the event, calling it an unforgettable moment for the entire team.

The director emphasized that regardless of the outcome of his previous film, “Mahasamudram,” he was determined to create “Mangalavaaram.” He assured the audience that the film does indeed have a hero and that the mixing works were recently completed in Chennai. Bhupathi promised that “Mangalavaaram” would be an exhilarating experience, praising the excellent music by Ajaneesh Loknath and the support of his talented technical team. He urged the audience not to reveal spoilers, as the film contains some surprising elements.

Describing “Mangalavaaram” as a dark thriller set in a village backdrop, Bhupathi highlighted it as a new genre. He acknowledged the complete support of every artist and technician involved in the project, proudly stating that he explored a concept never attempted before in Indian cinema. The film delves into a complicated female-related theme, and Bhupathi acknowledged the potential challenges, emphasizing the 100 days of shooting and a budget that went overboard. Despite this, he expressed a commitment to providing the best cinematic experience to the audience. The director concluded by acknowledging the special presence of Allu Arjun at the event and expressing anticipation for the release of “Pushpa.”