Payal Rajput To Star With His Hero Again?

The movie “RX 100” was a sensational hit which made the lead actors Karthikeya and Payal Rajput overnight stars. With this newfound fame, she received offers for oriented movies. However, due to her preference for bold content, some projects had to be put on hold.

Following that phase, Payal Rajput was paired with star heroes like Venkatesh and Ravi Teja. However, her career did not gain the expected momentum. Currently, Payal’s career seems to be lacking its previous zeal.

Now, Kartikeya is all set to play the lead role in a new film, and the young director behind this project has high hopes. This talented young director is known for his work on films like “RX 100” and has a reputation for bringing unique concepts to the screen.

Payal Rajput, on the other hand, has plans to seek justice for her stalled film projects. She seems determined to revive her career and is exploring various opportunities.

As for the film “RX 100,” it appears that a new concept has been introduced by a young director who is eager to make an impact similar to the original. Payal Rajput seems to have taken up this challenge. With back-to-back flops, Kartikeya also aims to make a strong comeback with this film.

It’s worth noting that Payal Rajput is actively pursuing legal action to ensure justice for her role in the movie. She has high hopes for Kartikeya as the hero and is putting her trust in him. After a string of unsuccessful films, Kartikeya made a strong impression with “RX 100,” and he is determined to continue his success.

In summary, several projects are in the pipeline, and the young director is working diligently to make sure the audience gets a new and engaging cinematic experience with “RX 100.”