Payal Rajput purchases a house in Hyderabad

Payal Rajput who shot to fame with RX100 fame purchased a house in Hyderabad. Speaking to scribes she said “I completed the registration formalities a couple of days back and I am so excited,” Payal added “I had some challenges in getting a house that suits my taste. But I am glad that I could finally gift myself one,”

She revealed “I really like this house. I believe if you want something deeply the whole universe will conspire and make it happen for you.” Payal is already having a house in Mumbai. She says “I have been shooting constantly so I am not getting enough time to shift completely,”

Speaking about Hyderabad she says”I could have taken a house anywhere but I have immense love for Hyderabad,” and added “Hyderabad has now become my main city. Staying in your own house and being with your family gives you a lot of contentment. I will bring my mother here soon,”