Pawan Kalyan’s Powerful Diktat To For ‘Power’ Cut

Pawan Kalyan is hailed as Power Star by all his fans. Pawan for long has been against using the title Power Star. However for the happiness of fans, he relented it. However it is now coming out that Pawan gave a powerful diktat to all his filmmakers to cut Power Star from his name.

It is known that Pawan Kalyan during Republic pre release function said, “Why do you still call me Power Star when I have no such power? Does it make any sense to call me a Power Star? Please stop it.” Pawan Kalyan got furious when people started shouting Power Star at a public meeting in Visakhapatnam.

He said “Don’t call me Power Star. How many times should I tell you. Meeru burra penchukondi konchem? (Try to improve your brains?),” A source close to Pawan Kalyan revealed “Pawan Kalyan has clearly instructed producers not to use the tag Power Star for his films. He doesn’t like the tag and he is very adamant about this. Vakeel Saab was the last time the tag Power Star was used on screen. His future films will not have it.”

The source added “If you notice, even during the teaser of his upcoming film Bheemla Nayak, the word Power Star was nowhere to be seen. This has been done as per his wishes, he doesn’t want to be called Power Star anymore.”