Pawan Kalyan releases song from “Aatagadara Siva” Song

Ettagayya Siva Siva Neevanni Vinta Aatale… Puttuka Chavu, Yatana Navvu Raase Nuduti Ratale, Ningi Nela Andarikokkate Vandalochanalenduku ( ఎట్టాగ‌య్యా శివ శివ నీవ‌న్నీ వింత ఆట‌లే.. పుట్టుక‌, చావు యాత‌న నువ్వు రాసే నుదుటి రాత‌లే…

నింగి నేల అంద‌రికొక‌టే వందాలోచ‌న‌లెందుకు…)
 This song that entails very deep meaning from the upcoming film Aatagadara Siva was released by Pawan Kalyan recently at the party office of Janasena. Produced under the Rockline Entertainments banner by Rockline Venkatesh and directed by sensible director Chandra Siddhartha, the film is releasing very soon on July 20.
A prisoner escapes a sentence where he has to be hung to death and happens to meet the person who was going to sentence him and perform the final act. The duo travels together for a few days without knowing each others identities. What transpires between them forms the crux of this story.
A remake of Kannada film Rama Rama Re, this film has been adapted to Telugu sensibilities.
Speaking about the film,Pawan Kalyan said, “Chaitanya Prasad garu’s lyrics are beautifully written and I loved it. I also liked Vasuki Vaibhav’s music on Shiva Tatvam. I know hero Uday Shankar since his childhood because his father Sriram garu was my guru. I always called him sir as he was my English teacher. He has been a key player in my spiritual journey. I have watched Uday grow since the time I worked on Gokulamlo Sita. And now he’s doing a feature film! Director Chandra Siddhartha’s Aa Naluguru was a unique film and I feel this one will be as unique. I already see that Uday’s characterisation is very interesting and away from the regular hero roles. I hope this film sees massive success.”
Uday Shankar, the film’s male lead, said, “I am a huge fan of Pawan Kalyan garu and I am so happy he released the song in my debut film despite such a busy schedule. I am glad to be associating with a hit producer like Rockline Venkatesh garu and a sensible director like Chandra Siddharth garu. Vasuki Vaibhav has give some great music while Chaitanya Prasad’s lyrics are beautiful. I am sharing screenspace with a well-known star from Kannada cinema, Dodanna, in the film. This is an emotional, feel-good flick.”
Chaitanya Prasad said, “I am very happy that Pawan Kalyan garu has launched this song.”