Pawan Kalyan Leaves Producers In Doldrums

The situation has become quite tricky for the Telugu film industry regarding Powerstar Pawan Kalyan.

Firstly, “Hari Hara Veeramallu” got shelved, and there is uncertainty surrounding “Ustadh Bhagat Singh.” However, the latest buzz is that the film “BRO” is set for release. Additionally, there are ongoing promotions for the new movie.

According to reliable sources, if Pawan Kalyan agrees, he might complete “Ustadh Bhagat Singh” first and then focus on finishing “Hari Hara Veeramallu.”

Apart from this, there are discussions about an offer coming in from Tamil cinema to Pawan Kalyan’s doorstep. A leading Tamil hero has approached Pawan for a guest role in his film, which has created some hesitation on Pawan’s part.

While all these discussions are going on, a prominent Tollywood producer is mediating in this matter. It’s been almost two weeks since the discussions started, and there is still no clarity. However, the producer seems to be optimistic about the negotiations.

If everything falls into place within the next ten days, it will be a big win. However, Pawan is aware of the delicate situation and is proceeding cautiously.