Parasuram defends the vulgar scene in SVP

It’s quite common in movie industry that actors, directors defend even the dirtiest and vulgar scenes by saying the script and scene demanded it. The same thing happened with Mahesh Babu’s latest movie Sarkaruvari Paata. Mahesh Babu was severely criticized for a particular scene in the movie. In the second half of the movie, Mahesh Babu asks Keerthy Suresh to come to his bedroom and demands her to sleep beside him and place her leg on him.

Reacting to this, director Parasuram said, “There is no vulgarity in the sequence. Mahesh Babu would not have allowed it if he felt it was indecent. It is more like a child sleeping beside her mother.”

The movie which received a mix talk since the day one is heading towards a disaster. However, the filmmakers are portraying it as the biggest blockbuster with fake collection reports.