Omkar’s Brother Ashwin Cries In The TV Show

A video of Tollywood actor Ashwin Babu shedding tears on Omkar’s show is currently going viral on social media. People are curious to know the reason behind his emotional outburst. While many actors enter the industry through family connections, only a few manage to establish themselves as talented performers. Ashwin Babu has proven his mettle as a hero and impressed audiences with his noteworthy performances, despite having appeared in only a few films.

Ashwin Babu happens to be the younger brother of renowned anchor and director Omkar. He made his debut in the Telugu film industry with the movie “Genius,” which featured his elder brother Omkar. Subsequently, he gained popularity through the “Rajugari Gadhi” film series. Currently, he is set to entertain the audience with his upcoming movie, “Hidimba,” which has already released its trailer. Nandita Shweta is playing the female lead opposite Ashwin in this film, which is being directed by Omkar.

As part of the movie’s promotional activities, the team appeared on a game show called “Sixth Sense” hosted by Omkar. During the show, actress Nandita shared her emotional journey. In the midst of this conversation, Omkar asked Ashwin if he had any hidden pain in his life. In response, Ashwin broke down in tears and said, “Brother, I haven’t told you about my struggles. You have always taken care of me. I can’t stop crying when I think about it.” His emotional outburst left Ashwin Babu in a state of deep sorrow.

After their father’s demise, Omkar took on the responsibility of looking after his younger brothers. He worked hard to ensure their well-being and helped them settle down in their respective fields. While Ashwin flourished as an actor, Omkar’s support extended to becoming a successful producer. Netizens have been appreciating Omkar’s dedication and care towards his siblings, applauding him with the words “Sabhash” upon hearing this touching story.