NTR’s Sensation On Balakrishna

Natasimha Balakrishna and Young Tiger NTR are not on talking terms. Their fans also indulged in social media wars and both did not reciprocate each other on many occasions. Though NTR sent feelers showering praises on Balakrishna on couple of occasions, Balakrishna did not respond.

According to the latest NTR came with a sensational take on Balakrishna. It is known that NTR is hosting Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu on Gemini TV. In one episode a contestant was asked to identify from which film the song ‘lux papa’ after playing the song. It is known that the song is from Balakrishna’s Narasimha Naidu.

After the answer, NTR shared his experience. He said “I grew up watching Babai’s films. Narasimha Naidu is one film I had a blast. I remember it watching in Urvashi theater. I enjoyed a lot and in happiness kicked the seat before me and it immediately got broken,” He went on to add “I always wanted to become an actor since my childhood. I am very much influenced by grandfather’s, father’s, and Babai’s films. I only know acting. I would do anything for acting. I would even die for acting,”