Nitin’s wedding date and chief guest revealed

Nitin for long has been dreaming of taking his love life with Shalini forward by entering into wedlock. He planned to get married in a grand manner in Dubai after he scored a hit at the box office with Bheeshma. However, all his plans came down crashing due to COVID and lockdown.

After a long delay, parents of both Nitin and Shalini convinced them to get married rather than wait till coronavirus is completely eradicated. As such they are all set to enter into wedlock on July 26 in Hyderabad.

Sudhakar Reddy, father of Nitin is looking after the preparations and everyone is maintaining secrecy over the wedding venue. Sources reveal that few Tollywood stars would attend Nitin’s wedding. Nitin has a lot of friends in Tollywood and inside talk is Nitin is keen to have his idol Pawan Kalyan as the chief guest. The question is will Pawan Kalyan attend Nitin’s wedding.

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