Nikhil Reveals The Secrets About His Children

Nikhil reveals the secrets about his children

Young hero Nikhil entered into wedlock during corona time. Nikhil married his childhood friend Pallavi Varma in 2000. In the midst of all this, Nikhil shocked all talking about his children. He spoke not about one kid but four kids.

People who are at first got surprised later had a hearty laugh about what Nikhil mentioned as his children. It is known that Nikhil is starring in four projects. He is starring in Karthikeya 2 under Chandoo Mondeti’s direction, 18 Pages under Palnati Surya Pratap’s direction, a spy thriller under Garry. BH’s direction and another film under Sudheer Varma’s direction.

Nikhil who is simultaneously shooting for his projects shared “Working on 4 Movies Simultaneously… Never did this before. Always worked only 1 at a time till now, but this is like 4 kids who are all my favorites but don’t know whom to give max priority to. Giving my best and praying that all 4 of them get the best release and Success.”

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