Nayantatara Makes Them Scared

Nayanthara is one of the most sought-after actresses in the South Indian film industry. She has given numerous hits and won several awards for her outstanding performances. However, the actress has been in the news recently for her remuneration demands and her absence from movie promotions.

According to reports, Nayanthara shocked the hero and producer of her upcoming film by demanding high remuneration for her role. Despite the producer expressing concern that her stardom may not be what it used to be, Nayanthara was reportedly adamant about the amount she requested. It is said that the actress justified her high remuneration by stating that she is a well-established artist and she deserves it.

The situation has left the team worried as they are not sure if they can afford the amount Nayanthara demanded. However, the actress remains firm in her demand and has made it clear that she will not compromise on her remuneration.

Another issue that is causing concern for the team is Nayanthara’s absence from the promotions of the film. It is said that the actress has not been showing up for promotional events and the team is worried that it may affect the box-office performance of the movie.