Navdeep Comments After Investigation

Navadeep has found himself in the spotlight for unfavorable reasons. He was summoned to appear in court for questioning on September 23rd. Navadeep duly attended the investigation related to a drug case conducted by the Narcotic Bureau, enduring six hours of questioning. After the inquiry, Navadeep addressed the media, asserting his lack of involvement in the case while shedding light on some intriguing details.

To delve into the specifics, on September 14th, the Telangana Narcotic Bureau, in collaboration with Gudimalkapur police, apprehended three Nigerians, a director, and four other individuals. Substantial quantities of various drugs were confiscated from their possession.

During the investigation, these individuals mentioned Navadeep’s name, claiming that he had contacted them regarding drugs. The police subsequently discovered that Navadeep had purchased drugs from one of the arrested individuals, namely Ramachander.

As a result, the police added Navadeep’s name to the case and subjected him to a six-hour interrogation on Saturday. Following the questioning, Navadeep stated, “I came here in response to a notice from the Narcotics department regarding a drugs case. I do know Ramchander, but that was a decade ago. I haven’t engaged in drug use anywhere. They inquired about a pub I managed some time ago, and I cooperated by answering all their queries. They mentioned they would reach out if necessary.”