Nachindi Girl Friendu Movie Review & Rating

Starring: Uday Shankar, Jennifer Emmanuel, Madhunandhan, Srikanth Iyyengar, Suman

Director: Guru Pawan

Producer: Atluri Narayan Rao

Music Director: Gifton Elias

With no big films around, several small films are gearing up for release every week. The last few weeks had forgettable outings at the box office and this week except for ‘Yashoda’ there are no big releases. Amid no expectations gets released ‘Nachindi Girl Friendu movie. Uday Shankar who earlier appeared in ‘Aatagadhara Shiva’ and ‘Mismatch’ movies is the hero of this movie. Let’s see if this movie brings any fortune to his career or not.


Rajaram (Uday Shankar) is a commerce graduate from Vizag. He dreams of making it big in life by doing a fund management course. On the other hand, his friend Cherry (Madhunandhan) requests Rajaram to help him reach his interview location as his bike breaks down. Rajaram accepts and on their journey, he comes across Sandy (Jennifer Emmanuel) and instantly falls in love with her.

Neglecting his friend’s request, he keeps following Sandy. Eventually Sandy also falls for Rajaram. When everything was going fine, a shocking disclosure happens, which shocks Rajaram. What is that shocking incident? Did Rajaram overcome it? This forms part of the rest of the film.

Plus Points:

Uday Kiran is an okay actor and he has impressed with his role in this movie. The comedy scenes between him and Madhunandhan are quite entertaining and engaging. Uday did well in action sequences. Jennifer Emmanuel was decent as the heroine, and her character is well connected to the point taken.

Srikanth Iyengar again gives a good performance and comedian Pruthvi though only appears for a brief time, he manages to evoke laughs with his punch lines.

The basic point taken and the intent of the director to make people aware of the frauds and scams that might occur in the stock market are fine. The movie also talks about the impact and relevance of the stock market in the lives of middle-class people who form the majority of the population, which makes sense. There are hardly any many movies in which dealt with this point and thus this film is a different attempt.

Minus Points:

The biggest flaw in the movie is not entering the actual point until the last 30 minutes. While all the important moments happen towards the climax hurriedly, the depth has gone missing, and the narration goes flat and flawed in some places. So the audience couldn’t connect to the story completely.

The love story is a bit dragged and tests the patience. Songs become hurdles and some songs should have been eliminated, as the makers had a fascinating concept on hand. The movie’s writing had major flaws. For example, a character who is an expert and connoisseur in the stock market gets fooled in the most stupid way.


On the whole, ‘Nachindi Girl Friendu’ has a relevant topic, but the narration goes haywire and the way the movie is presented makes it a boring drama.

Rating: 3/5