Krishna and His Leela review

Rating: 2.25/5
Cast: Siddhu Jonnalagadda, Seerat Kapoor, Shraddha Srinath, and others
Director: Ravikanth Perepu
Music: Sricharan Pakala

Cinematography:Shaneil Deo & Sai Prakash U
Producer: Sanjay Reddy, Suresh Productions

Story Line

A youngster Krishna (Sidhu Jonnalagadda) has numerous girlfriends true to his name. Krishna who couldn’t arrive at any decision regarding his girlfriends often lands in trouble with his girlfriends past and present.

Krishna falls in love with Radha (Shalini Vadnikatti) after breaking up with Satya (Shraddha Srinath) but when things are moving smoothly they get a shock with the reentry of Satya into his life.

To find out where Krishna’s love story heads to, enjoy Krishna and His Leela by watching it on Netflix.

Star Shine

Sidhu Jonnalagadda came with an earnest performance. He slipped into the role and came with good expressions as the one who is confused and indecisive. He showed variations in his role compared to the earlier role which he did in Guntur Talkies.

Shalini Vadnikatti attracted by her performance as one of his girlfriends. He looked good as a caring and loving girlfriend.

Shraddha Srinath surprises all with her bold and daring acts on the screen. Her role reminds one of Jersey. Seerat Kapoor did full justice to her role with her performance. Viva Harsha is ok in few scenes evoking few laughs. Jhansi and Sampath performed according to their roles.

Director’s Special

Ravikanth Perepu tried to attract viewers with a complicated story. Though he started off in an interesting manner, as the story progresses he ended up confusing people to some extent. For most of the part, Ravikanth kept viewers interested in the story.

The narration goes in a serious manner and he could have added few more entertaining elements to attract movie lovers. Director came with a routine script except for adding two love stories. It may appeal to some extent to OTT viewers but difficult to connect chords to all. His story, screenplay, and direction turned out to be routine except in a few scenes.


The cinematography of Shaneil Deo & Sai Prakash U elevated the scenes beautifying the film appealing to the viewers. Editing could have been far better as there are many drags left unattended. Sricharan Pakala’s background score is beautiful. He used the Aalaipayuthey song, popular Tamil composition but the unconventional manner did not attract viewers. Pranav Chaganti attracted by his Telugu rap song. Director Ravikanth could have avoided confusion and added entertainment element for better results. Production values are good.

Viewers Verdict

Krishna’s Leela fails to give the real kick!

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