#MeToo a reason to revoke dubbing rights

Chinmayi, who is famous for dubbing Samantha’s roles, has received a shocking news. Her Tamil dubbing union membership has been terminated. This Tamil singer has not paid the subscription fees for the last 2 years and hence this action against her. She claims to have not received any payment/due reminders.

Her twitter reads, “Sooo given to understand that I have been terminated from the dubbing union. Which means I can longer dub in Tamil films henceforth. The reason stated is that I haven’t paid ‘subscription fees’ for 2 years though this hasn’t stopped them from taking 10% off my dubbing income”.

This could just be the regular procedure to deal with artists who missed making the payment. However, the timing of the termination soon after she was vocal about harassment in her field has attracted negative reactions towards the people involved. Supporting #MeToo movement, Chinmayi has spoken about Vairamuthu (lyricist) and Radha Ravi (Tamil Dubbing Artistes Union).

#MeToo is for the betterment of the workplace. Neither should one abuse the movement by making false allegations nor should one suppress the folks who opened up about their experiences.

Support for Chinmayi has been pouring in from celebs. She is also a close friend of Samantha Akkineni and is married to Rahul Ravichandran who is an actor/director.