Mahesh Babu Gets Angry On ‘Mem Famous’ Team

A low-budget movie titled ‘Mem Famous’ was released in theaters last Friday and has gained a positive reputation as a youth- oriented entertainer. However, a tweet from Mahesh Babu’s official social media handle praising the movie has been circulating and creating speculation about whether Mahesh Babu has actually watched it.

Interestingly, the tweet was posted by someone named Chai Biscuit, who manages Mahesh Babu’s social media accounts. This has led to confusion among people associated with the film. Additionally, it is reported that Mahesh Babu reprimanded the individuals responsible for the tweet, as he had not actually watched the movie.

Rumors have surfaced suggesting that Mahesh Babu’s Twitter handle was used to bring attention and publicity to the film. However, Mahesh Babu himself has denied having seen the movie, adding to the intrigue surrounding the situation.