Lyca Productions With ‘2018’ Film Director Jude Anthany Joseph

Lyca Productions has become a brand among movie lovers for event films and visual wonders. The leading production house also delivers unique concept-oriented films. The banner has been always headlined not only for making big films with star heroes and directors but also for encouraging new talent. Now, Lyca Productions has announced a new film in their banner. The film will be helmed by the most happening director, Jude Anthany Joseph.

The director has captured the attention of the audience with his ‘2018’ film which is made with a realistic approach to blending emotions. No one can forget the devastation created by the floods during 2018 in Kerala. People stood by themselves to each other and helped the Government during those tough times. Jude Anthany Joseph has made ‘2018’ capturing all details in an inspiring manner.

This time Lyca Productions joined hands with him. They are collaborating to mesmerize the audience with an amazing film. Full details about this film will be revealed by Lyca very soon.