LGM Movie Review

Banner: Dhoni Entertainment

Cast: Harish Kalyan, Nadiya, Ivana, Yogi Babu, RJ Vijay, and others

Produced by: Sakshi Singh Dhoni, Vikas Hasija

Story, Screenplay, Music, and Direction: Ramesh Thamilmani


“Let’s Get Married” (LGM), the maiden production of Dhoni Entertainment, has hit the screens today in Telugu after its initial release in Tamil. With MS Dhoni, the legendary cricketer, stepping into film production alongside his wife Sakshi Singh Dhoni, expectations were high for their debut venture.


The film revolves around Gowtham (Harish Kalyan) and Meera (Ivana), a couple who have been dating for over two years and are now contemplating marriage. Meera proposes a unique condition to Gowtham before accepting his proposal – she wants to spend time with his mother (Nadiya) in Coorg to better understand her potential mother-in-law. Gowtham agrees and plans a trip to Coorg in hopes of a harmonious bonding between Meera and his mother.


Harish Kalyan’s portrayal of Gowtham lacks depth and fails to make a lasting impression. Ivana, who impressed in her previous film “Love Today,” disappoints in this venture.

Nadiya’s performance stands out as she earnestly portrays the role of the hero’s mother, attempting to salvage the movie. Yogi Babu’s comedy, on the other hand, falls flat and adds little to the film’s entertainment value.

Technical Aspects:

The film’s music, composed by director Ramesh Thamilmani, does not resonate well with the audience and falls short of the expectations for a rom-com. The cinematography, while passable, does not leave a lasting impact.


Interesting central idea.


Tedious sequences.

Inexperienced storytelling.

Outdated humor.

Pacing issues.


“LGM” brings forth a central concept with potential, wherein the heroine seeks to establish a connection with her future mother-in- law. However, the film falters in its execution due to weak screenplay and direction.

Director Ramesh Thamilmani’s narrative skills prove lacking, resulting in unrealistic and unconvincing scenes throughout the movie. The workplace scenes between the hero and heroine lack authenticity, undermining the overall experience.

The forced humor and contrived situations contribute to the film’s dullness, making it tedious to watch. Notably, the lengthy bus ride sequence from Hyderabad to Coorg tests the audience’s patience.

The lack of depth in the second half, particularly in the interactions between Nadiya and Ivana, further dampens the film’s impact. The climactic fight with a tiger adds to the overall farcical tone.

Unfortunately, “LGM” fails to live up to the expectations set by Dhoni Entertainment’s debut venture. The film’s mediocrity and boredom result from a director who lacks the ability to craft a compelling narrative. Overall, “LGM” is a disappointing start for Dhoni and his wife in the film production realm.