Krithi Shetty Grabs An Interesting Offer

Krithi Shetty’s career took a setback after a series of duds in the recent past. However, she hasn’t lost her enthusiasm and is still determined to achieve success. One of the main reasons for her recent slump is attributed to the choices she made in selecting scripts. The director’s ability can also be a factor contributing to the decline. There are various reasons behind this situation.

In her latest movie, “Custody,” Krithi Shetty has been criticized for choosing a role primarily based on glamour rather than substance. If she had focused on portraying a character with depth and substance by selecting movies that highlight her acting skills, it would have been better. However, if a film becomes a hit, everything falls into place.

Due to these circumstances, Krithi Shetty has received negative feedback about her performance. Despite this, the audience who have watched her film “Custody” appreciate her acting skills, which were showcased well in the movie. The renowned director Venkata Prabhu has recognized Krithi Shetty’s talent in the film industry, emphasizing her true potential. It is known that he has praised Krithi Shetty’s experimental approach in collaborating with her for an artistic film, even without a prominent male lead. Krithi Shetty has taken a bold step by choosing a heroine-centric movie, and further details are yet to be revealed.

Overall, it is crucial to acknowledge Krithi Shetty’s talent and the recognition she has received from director Venkata Prabhu. Despite facing criticism, she is exploring unconventional roles and showcasing her acting abilities, which sets her apart.