Kangana takes Hrithik’s name-Gets trolled again

Sushanth Singh

Kangana is going all out and is not leaving anyone in support of Sushanth Singh. In a TV program, she slammed for Amitabh Bachchan for not taking a stand for Sushanth’s death and now she has done it again.

She took Hrithik’s name as she posted “I believe Sara must’ve loved him he wasn’t a fool to fall for a girl whose affection isn’t genuine but she must have been under pressure, what I shared with Hrithik was genuine at that point I still have no doubts about it why suddenly he became so hostile is still a mystery to me.”

This did not go well with Hrithik fans and they started slamming her with comments like Stop photoshopping yourself with Hrithik in your delusional mind just like you photoshopped this pic to prove your lies. Hrithik tera naam bhi nahi leta aur Hrithik ka naam liye bina tera khana hajam nahi hota,” tweeted a user sharing a copy of the above-mentioned picture,