Kamal Kamaraju on Natyam

Kamal Kamaraju, Sandhya Raju’s Natyam is generating immense interest among movie lovers. Speaking about the film Kamal said “I was surprised that the role was offered to me given the kind of films I’ve done in the past. I even suggested to the film’s director Revanth Korukonda that he cast a classical dancer instead of me,”

He added “I was shooting in Dehradun and Sandhya garu said she’d send me two classical dancers there to train me during my leisure. That’s when I realised how serious she and Revanth were about casting me.”

He continued saying “Initially, they trained me in leg moments. This was followed by hasta bhedas (hand postures), neck movements, postures, and balance,”

He revealed “The Kuchipudi training experience left me understanding that I should be more methodical in my architecture profession and that I must understand the roots of the profession to create better designs and thoughts rather than just trying to come up with trending designs,”